Leave a Leaf was born from an inspiration...
About Leave a Leaf Pole Baskets

Leave a Leaf is more than just a ski pole basket replacement. Leave a Leaf is a symbol for Canadian pride and it is one small piece of a greater vision.

Kelley Cook Princeton BCKelley Cook, the creator and founder of Leave a Leaf, received the inspiration for these maple leaf shaped powder and packed snow baskets when she was backcountry skiing with her partner Vic (and dog Feral). As she was gliding through the backcountry of the Cascade Mountains, she noticed her ski pole baskets were leaving snowflake shaped impressions in the snow. It was in that moment that Leave a Leaf was born. She suddenly envisioned maple leaves, the symbol of Canadian pride, being left not only on her path, but in the paths of proud Canadians all over Canada.

It wasn’t long after that backcountry ski trip that Kelley started drawing up plans for her red maple leaf baskets. She sought out a reputable Canadian mold and plastics manufacturer called Conteco Mold and Plastics in Maple Ridge, BC. Soon she had her first prototype on her poles and poles of her friends and they began trekking all over the pristine/rugged terrain of British Columbia. She continued to refine the design with Conteco until they were able to produce a basket that was extremely durable, lightweight and able to leave a perfect maple leaf impression on the ground. The baskets also needed to fit most poles and be fully functional for backcountry skiing in powder, skiing on compact snow, snowshoeing, hiking, nordic walking and even casual walking.

Purchase these baskets for yourself, a loved one or a friend. Let them inspire you to get outdoors, be active and leave a leaf! We encourage you to connect with us and share a story about where you left a leaf. Interact with us on social media by posting your photo with the hashtag #leavealeaf. Your Instagram photo with that hashtag will appear on our social media feed. And use our map to show us exactly where you left a leaf! We’d love to hear from you, so please connect with us using these outlets.