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Tell us about your special place or trail...share a favourite photo of you leaving your leaf.

18 Sep Tobiano Living

Had ana excellent day leaving my leaf at Tobiano Food Truck event at Kamloops Lake. Getting out to nature with my favourite hiking pole baskets.Playing around in the grasses....

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16 Jan Canadian Stamp of approval in Tulameen BC

Loving my new snowshoe pole baskets. Leave a Leaf left a stamp of my Canadian pride - the Maple Leaf- along the pristine Tulameen River viewing the spectacular Kelly Peaks mountain and onto Otter Lake in my beautiful hometown of Tulameen, BC. Loving them - so fun!...

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13 Jan Old dogs and bad knees

I have a fourteen year old Jack Russell terrier and over the past ten years we have explored every trail in Myra Bellevue Provincial Park. I've had to give up some of our hiking because of a bad knee, but the two of us still try to get out whenever we can for as far as we can. My daughter gave me the wonderful leavealeaf baskets for Christmas, and now...

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19 Dec Getting out with ” MOM”

My Mom is struggling with arthritis and we try to get out every day. For the last while its been difficult. However now that we have walking poles with our leave a leaf baskets, we get excited to keep up with exercise. The poles make it safer for my Mom to walk. We got out today in the fresh snow and left our leaf. Thanks Mom...

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