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Tell us about your special place or trail...share a favourite photo of you leaving your leaf.

16 Dec Life is Now

Just love getting out and leaving my leaves wherever I can. The beauty of nature and the high of the outdoors is just the best. So fortunate to be able to enjoy every moment and be happy and healthy. I keep on trekking to stay healthy and stress free. Two words " Get Out"...

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02 Dec Getting out and connecting with nature

I get out and hike or walk everyday. My hiking poles with my leave a leaf baskets enable me to look to the horizon and really enjoy the scenery. I am able to take in all the scenery with each stride. I have left my leaf as a proud Canadian in the hills of Kamloops, BC and beyond. I call my motivation to get out my happy pill as exercise...

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01 Dec Heart of Maple leaves

I love Canada…I left a heart of maple leaves with my baskets in Manning Park, BC along the Monument 83 Trail. We were with a group of Friends of Manning Park that were clearing it after a strong wind event which brought down many trees that had blocked the trail....

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